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Top Features Renters Want: Enhancing Rental Properties for Success

In this article, we will explore the top features that renters desire in their properties. As a property management or leasing agent, understanding these preferences can help attract potential tenants and enhance their renting experience. From affordable pricing to digital applications, we will cover a range of essential factors that renters value when searching for their ideal home.

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In this article, we will cover the following topics:

Affordable Pricing: Meeting the Budgetary Needs of Renters

Renters place a significant emphasis on finding affordable rental options that fit within their budget. By offering competitive pricing, you can capture the attention of potential tenants and increase the chances of securing long-term leases.

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Consider the following strategies to meet the budgetary needs of renters:

  • Conduct thorough market research: Stay informed about your area's current rental market trends and pricing. Analyze comparable properties and adjust your rates accordingly to remain competitive.

  • Value-added pricing: Instead of solely focusing on lowering the rental price, emphasize the value your property offers. Highlight features such as recent renovations, upgraded appliances, or inclusive utilities to justify the rental rate and demonstrate a better overall value to prospective tenants.

  • Flexible lease terms: Consider offering flexible lease terms, such as month-to-month options or shorter-term leases. This flexibility can attract renters who may not want to commit to a long-term lease but are still seeking a quality rental experience.

Example: Offer a limited-time promotion where new tenants receive a discounted rental rate for the first three months, making the property more enticing and affordable during the initial period.

A Walkable Neighborhood: Convenience at Your Doorstep

Living in a walkable neighborhood is a highly desired feature for many renters. Accessing essential amenities, entertainment venues, and public transportation without relying heavily on cars enhances convenience and quality of life.

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Here's how you can highlight the walkability of your property:

  • Highlight nearby amenities: Create a list of popular amenities within a reasonable walking distance from the property, such as grocery stores, restaurants, parks, gyms, and shopping centers. Emphasize the convenience of having these amenities just a short walk away.

  • Promote local attractions: Showcase nearby parks, hiking trails, or cultural centers. Let renters know about the recreational opportunities available within the neighborhood to encourage an active and engaging lifestyle.

  • Provide Walk Score information: Include the property's Walk Score in your listing or marketing materials. The Walk Score is a numerical rating that quantifies a neighborhood's walkability, considering the proximity of amenities, parks, and public transportation. A higher Walk Score can instantly grab the attention of renters who value a convenient and accessible community.

Example: Create a visually appealing infographic or video showcasing the various amenities within a 10-minute walk from your property, highlighting the vibrant and convenient lifestyle renters can enjoy.

Online Rent Payment: Simplifying the Rent Collection Process

The convenience and efficiency of online rent payment methods are highly valued by renters today. By implementing online rent payment systems, you can streamline the rent collection process and provide a seamless experience for you and your tenants.

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Consider the following benefits and strategies for online rent payment:

  • Convenience and flexibility: Online rent payment allows tenants to submit payments securely anywhere, anytime, without the hassle of physical checks or money orders. This convenience is particularly beneficial for tenants with busy schedules or those who prefer digital transactions.

  • Automated reminders: Utilize automated rent payment reminders to ensure timely payments. These reminders can be sent via email or text, helping tenants avoid late fees and ensuring a consistent and reliable cash flow for your property.

  • Security and transparency: Online rent payment platforms often provide secure payment processing and detailed transaction histories. This transparency instills trust and reassurance in tenants, reducing concerns about misplaced or mishandled payments.

Example: Partner with a reputable online rent payment platform that offers features like recurring payments, customized reminders, and easy-to-use interfaces. Provide clear instructions to tenants on how to set up their online payment accounts during the leasing process.

Pet-Friendly Policies: Welcoming Furry Friends

Renters who have pets consider pet-friendly policies to be a crucial factor when searching for a rental property. By accommodating pets, you can tap into a broader market of potential tenants and increase the desirability of your property.

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Here's how you can create welcoming and inclusive pet policies:

  • Clearly define pet restrictions: Establish guidelines regarding pet type, size, and breed restrictions. Communicate these restrictions transparently to avoid any misunderstandings with prospective tenants.

  • Pet deposits or fees: Implement reasonable pet deposits or additional fees to cover any potential damages or extra maintenance required due to pets. Ensure these fees align with local regulations and are clearly communicated to tenants.

  • Pet-friendly amenities: Consider incorporating pet-friendly amenities within the property or its vicinity. For example, designate pet play areas, provide waste disposal stations, or partner with local pet services like dog-walking or grooming providers.

Example: Showcase photos or videos of pet-friendly amenities like a designated dog park or an outdoor pet washing station to highlight the property's dedication to providing a comfortable environment for tenants and their furry friends.

Cost-Saving Amenities: Added Value for Renters

Renters appreciate properties that offer cost-saving amenities, as these features contribute to a more financially sustainable lifestyle. By integrating cost-saving amenities, you can attract tenants who value long-term savings and efficiency.

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Consider the following cost-saving amenities to enhance your property's appeal:

  • Energy-efficient appliances: Replace outdated appliances with energy-efficient models that reduce electricity consumption and lower tenant utility costs.

  • Smart thermostats: Install smart thermostats that allow tenants to easily regulate heating and cooling based on their schedules, optimizing energy usage and reducing utility bills.

  • Energy-saving lighting: Replace traditional light bulbs with energy-saving LED bulbs, which consume less energy and have a longer lifespan.

  • In-home laundry: Offer a washer and dryer, if possible, in your property, saving tenants the hassle and expense of going to a laundromat.

Example: Conduct an energy audit of your property and highlight the potential savings in monthly utility bills when utilizing energy-efficient appliances, lighting, and thermostats. Communicate these benefits clearly to prospective tenants.

A Short Commute Time: Minimizing Travel Stress

A property's proximity to workplaces, schools, and essential services is crucial for many renters. Minimizing commute time can significantly enhance their quality of life and increase the appeal of your property.

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Consider the following strategies to highlight a short commute time:

  • Public transportation access: Emphasize the property's proximity to public transportation options such as bus stops, train stations, or subway lines. Mention specific routes or lines that provide easy access to key destinations.

  • Major highway access: Highlight easy access to major highways or expressways, mainly if the property is located near an entrance or exit ramp. This feature especially appeals to tenants who rely on vehicles for commuting.

  • Nearby workplace hubs: Identify and promote nearby workplace hubs or business districts easily accessible from your property. Highlight the convenience of a shorter commute and potential time savings for tenants.

Example: Provide estimated commute times to popular destinations like downtown, major employment centers, or universities based on the property's location. Share testimonials from current tenants who appreciate the shorter commute and its positive impact on their daily routines.

Layout: Creating a Functional Living Space

The layout of a rental property plays a vital role in attracting and retaining tenants. A well-designed, functional living space enhances the overall living experience and ensures tenants can make the most of the available square footage.

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Consider the following elements when creating a functional layout:

  • Open-concept layouts: Open floor plans create a sense of spaciousness and allow for flexibility in furniture arrangement. This layout is trendy among modern renters who prioritize a seamless flow between living, dining, and kitchen areas.

  • Ample storage options: Integrate sufficient storage solutions such as built-in closets, pantry space, or storage units to accommodate tenants' belongings and minimize clutter.

  • Versatile rooms: Design rooms that can serve multiple purposes, such as a home office that can double as a guest bedroom or a den that can function as a playroom or study area.

Example: Use professional floor plans or 3D virtual tours to showcase your property's thoughtful layout and versatility. Highlight the space's functionality and creative use, demonstrating how tenants can personalize the area to suit their lifestyle.

Digital Applications: Streamlining the Rental Process

Digital applications and technology have revolutionized the rental process, making it more streamlined and convenient for landlords and tenants. By embracing digital applications, you can attract tech-savvy renters and create a smoother leasing experience.

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Consider the following digital tools to streamline the rental process:

  • Online applications: Offer an online platform allowing prospective tenants to submit their information, employment details, and references digitally. This eliminates the need for paper applications and speeds up the application review process.

  • Virtual tours: Provide virtual tours of your property to give potential tenants a detailed and immersive experience from the comfort of their homes. This is especially beneficial for out-of-town or international applicants.

  • Electronic lease signing: Implement electronic lease signing platforms that allow tenants to review and sign lease agreements digitally. This eliminates the need for physical paperwork and allows for a faster turnaround time.

Example: Create a video walkthrough of your property, highlighting key features and emphasizing its unique selling points. Utilize virtual tour platforms that enable potential tenants to explore the property interactively.


Understanding the key features, renters desire in their properties is crucial for property management and leasing agents. By focusing on affordable pricing, walkable neighborhoods, online rent payment options, pet-friendly policies, cost-saving amenities, short commute times, functional layouts, and digital applications, you can attract more potential tenants and provide an enjoyable renting experience. Meeting their preferences and needs enhances tenant satisfaction and creates a positive reputation for your property.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions and answers that landlords have.

How important is affordable pricing for renters?

Affordable pricing is a significant factor for renters as it directly affects their budgetary considerations. Offering competitive rental rates can attract more potential tenants to your property.

Why do renters prefer online rent payment?

Online rent payment provides convenience and flexibility for renters. It allows them to securely submit their rent payments from anywhere, eliminating the need for physical checks or money orders.

What are cost-saving amenities?

Cost-saving amenities include energy-efficient appliances, programmable thermostats, lighting, and on-site laundry facilities. These amenities help reduce utility costs for renters, making the property more appealing and financially beneficial.


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