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Why landlords should welcome new tenants with a welcome letter

As a landlord, it's essential to make a good impression on your tenants and provide them with all the information they need to feel comfortable in their new homes. A welcome letter is a perfect way to do that! It can introduce yourself, provide information about the property and outline your expectations as a landlord. A well-written welcome letter can help build a positive relationship with your tenants and avoid misunderstandings or problems.

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In this article, three questions will be answered to explain why a landlord should provide tenants with a welcome letter:

Why should landlords give a new tenant a welcome letter?

There are a few reasons why landlords should welcome new renters with a welcome letter before they move in. A welcome letter can be an excellent opportunity to introduce yourself. This can help your tenants get to know you better, making them more likely to contact you if they have any questions or concerns.

You can provide important information about the property and your expectations as a landlord. Establishing expectations helps ensure that your tenants are aware of the rules and regulations of the property and what is expected of them. Overall, sending a welcome letter to new tenants can help create a positive relationship with your tenants and ensure that the tenant and yourself are on the same page.

What to include in your tenant welcome letter

The letter should include helpful information about the property, such as its address, amenities, rules or regulations, and how the tenant can contact you. It should also have your expectations for your tenants. This could include highlighting important information in the lease agreement, such as when rent is due, late fees, keeping the property clean and orderly, and respecting your neighbors. Also, please provide contact information so your tenants can reach out if they need anything.

Examples of what to include in your tenant welcome letter:

  • Your name, phone number, and mailing address

  • Move-in date

  • Amount of rental payments

  • Fees: Late charges, bounced checks, key replacement

  • Property rules

  • Who to contact regarding emergency repairs or maintenance issues

  • Information for utility companies

  • Information about renters insurance

You should also provide any information regarding the condo association if you're leasing out a condo in Miami. Most associations have rules, regulations, and specific information regarding the common areas of the condo building.

When to provide the tenant with the Welcome Letter

As a landlord, give your new tenant the welcome letter as soon as possible, ideally before they move in. Here are a few optional times to provide the tenant with the Welcome Letter.

  • Email the Welcome Letter after the association has approved the tenant. (This will allow the tenant to have the Welcome Letter on hand when they arrive at the property.)

  • Give the tenant a copy when you meet them to exchange keys and the move-in funds. (This can also be an excellent opportunity to review any necessary details and answer questions.)

  • Email after the tenant has moved in.

If you listed your property with a real estate agent, you might provide them with a copy to give the tenant at the walkthrough. However, it would be best practice to email your new tenant the welcome letter along with the Miami-Dade Bill of Rights. Emailing these documents yourself, even if you've hired an agent, assures that you've provided a Welcome letter and the Bill of Rights.

Regardless of how you deliver the welcome letter, it's important to be timely and organized. This will help set the tone for the landlord-tenant relationship and ensure that your tenant feels welcomed and prepared for their new home.


In conclusion, a welcome letter is valuable for landlords to communicate with their tenants and establish a positive relationship. It's an opportunity to introduce yourself, provide important information about the property and your expectations, and make your tenants feel comfortable in their new apartment.

As a landlord, it's essential to take the time to create a well-written and thorough welcome letter. It's a small investment of time and effort that can help in the long run by helping avoid misunderstandings or problems and fostering a productive and harmonious landlord-tenant relationship. So don't hesitate to welcome your new tenants with a thoughtful and informative welcome letter.


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