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Pricing your Miami condo to sell in ANY market like a pro

Updated: Jun 20, 2022

If you want to sell your Miami condo, it's important to price it right. You're listing your condo to sell, not for it to sit on the market collecting dust and holding costs. The value of your home is what a buyer is willing to pay, and a seller is willing to accept in TODAY's market. Buyers make their decisions based on comparing your condo to others sold in your area. This article will discuss how to price your condo, so it sells in any market.

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Choosing the right real estate agent

When looking for a real estate agent to sell your Miami condo, hiring someone who will pull good comps and give you a reasonable price recommendation is essential. You want an agent who knows the market well and can help you sell your condo quickly and for the best price. Ask friends and family for recommendations and do some research online to find the right agent for you.

Preparing your home for sale

Preparing your condo for sale can be a task, but you must do everything you can to make the listing look its best online and in person. Make sure to clean and declutter your home and fix any damage or repairs that need to be fixed.

Pricing your condo to sell

When pricing your home to sell, you should consider recent sales of similar properties in your building, preferably in your line. For example, if your condo is 2109, it's in the 09 line, which in most cases has the same layout as every unit number ending in 09.

You should also consider what finishes buyers are looking for today and make sure to price your home at a competitive and attractive price. Doing so will help ensure that your condo sells quickly and reasonably.

Keep this in mind; the market determines the price.

6 things buyers do not care about when it comes to the price of a home.

Buyers are savvy

In the internet age, buyers are savvy and have a lot of access to information. Buyers can see how long listings have been on the market, the price history and average sale prices, what condos have sold in your building and neighborhood, and more.

Educated and serious buyers will make an offer on a listing they believe is worth or close to what they offer unless they are looking for low-ball listings (submit meager offers). If your home is overpriced, you won't even get an offer, or maybe not even a showing request.

Make sure that your condo is priced competitively and offers value for the price. Include features buyers are looking for, such as updated appliances and fixtures, a modern design, or a great location. Incentives like offering the buyer a home warranty may sweeten the deal.

Days on Market

Days on Market (DOM) is a calculation used to measure how long a property has been for sale. Days on the market are calculated by subtracting the listing date from the sale date or current date if the listing is still on the market.

Knowing the average number of days on the market until sold as the seller can give you an idea of how quickly property is selling and can help you price your home accordingly. Generally, well-priced condos that sell promptly have a lower DOM.

Average Sale Price

The Average Sale Price is the average of all the sale prices for similar properties in your area. As the seller, knowing the average sale price can give you an idea of how much buyers may be willing to pay for a listing like yours and help you price your condo accordingly.

The first 14 days

The first 14 days of listing a condo in Miami are crucial. Buyers pay attention to how long a property has been on the market, and their perception of the value decreases every day the condo listing is on the market.

A condo will usually sell at its highest price in the first few weeks of exposure. If a condo is overpriced, it won't receive offers in these two weeks; if priced right, it will receive an offer or a few; if it's underpriced or "priced to sell," it should receive multiple offers.

This chart shows the peak of interest being within the first 2 weeks of listing your home.
Buyer interest within first month

How to tell if your condo is overpriced

A few ways you can tell your condo is overpriced are

  • Low views on websites like Zillow

  • Not receiving many showing requests

  • Not receiving any offers

  • Having showings but no offers

Overpriced listings may not even be discovered by buyers online. For example, if the asking price is 15% over the market, it appears to be 20% of buyers; if it's 10% over, 30% of buyers at the actual current value, it seems to most buyers.

This shows how overpricing your home affects the amount of buyers the listing appeals to.
Overpriced home chart

Don't chase the market downward

Overpricing your condo may cause you to lose money and time in the long run. Many Miami condo sellers make the mistake of listing their property too high and making multiple price adjustments as the market shifts.

Price the condo correctly and spend less time on the market. If you overprice your condo, reevaluate within two weeks and make the proper adjustment promptly to avoid taking multiple price decreases and piling up your holding costs.


If you are not sure what to list your home for, consult with a real estate agent in the Miami area. A good Miami real estate agent, will be able to help you determine a fair and competitive price for your home. If you want to list your condo in the Downtown, Brickell, Edgewater, or South Beach area, feel free to learn more about my services.


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