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The ultimate guide to showing your Miami condo to prospective tenants (with agent)

Updated: Feb 15, 2023

It's no secret that Miami is one of the most popular and in-demand places to live. If you're a Miami condo owner who is looking for tenants, then you need to put your best foot forward and showcase your property in the best possible light. This guide will provide tips on how to show your condo to prospective tenants and make a great impression. So read on for advice on everything from preparing your home for viewings to receiving showing feedback. Let's get started!

In this article:

What is a showing?

A showing takes place either in the form of an open house or a scheduled time when prospective tenants can check out the unit. Although some condo associations do not permit open houses, this can be a great way to find a tenant. When listing with a real estate agent, there are different scenarios for condo showings in Miami.

  • Tenants may request showings with the listing agent via the listing.

  • Tenant agents schedule showings with the listing agent on behalf of their clients. They may access the condo via lockbox or other means depending on policies set by each building's management company.

  • Tenants may attend an open house.

How to prepare my condo for a showing?

You and your agent will determine the specifics for your rental property so that your house is positioned competitively in the market. Preparations will likely include two phases. Phase one comprises more significant tasks before listing the property, such as repairs, renovations, new appliances, and painting. Your listing should be move-in ready when tenants view the apartment and shouldn't need any repairs, deep cleaning, or painting.

Phase two is the last-minute prep just before showings. If you are living in the unit or have a tenant in place, it includes but is not limited to:

  • Ensure the apartment is cleaned

  • Empty the trash

  • Make the bed

  • Set the temperature to at least 72 degrees

  • Hide valuables

  • Turn on all of the lights

Your listing should be move-in ready when tenants view the apartment and shouldn't need any repairs, or deep cleaning.

Tips on showing your apartment

  • List the condo while it's vacant. An empty apartment is not required, but it makes the condo much more accessible. It also allows tenants to visualize making the unit their home when there's no other person's furniture in the apartment.

  • Make your listing as available as possible. It may be inconvenient to show your unit if you have a tenant. If this is the case, communicate with your current tenant to work out an agreement to make the condo available to show and keep the apartment presentable.

  • Listen to any feedback from tenants or agents about ways you can make your home more appealing.

What to expect when showing my condo when it's occupied?

When allowing showings for your condo, either you, your tenant or your agent will conduct the showings or provide a lockbox for the unit to be shown by tenant agents. Many tenants will have an agent in Miami, so the agent should also be present. Tenants also may bring friends or family members to help them decide. You or your agent should be prepared to answer questions about the unit and the condo building.

In owner or tenant-occupied scenarios, your agent may:

  • Coordinate with you or the tenant to show the apartment to potential tenants who have hired real estate agents on their behalf.

  • Coordinate with you or the tenant to show the apartment with your agent present.

  • Coordinate with you or the tenant to leave the door unlocked so the agent may show the apartment to potential tenants when no one is home.

  • Ask you or the tenant for a schedule for when the condo can be shown so it can be listed in the listing.

If your condo building has a concierge, you may also leave the door unlocked and allow tenants with an agent present to tour the apartment. The agent would have to present their ID and business card to the concierge, who will call you or the tenant to confirm the appointment and give them access to the elevator to your floor.

What to expect when showing my condo when it's vacant?

The most common way to provide access to the apartment is by placing a lockbox on the property. Having the property's keys in a lockbox offers the most access to the apartment, which helps it rent faster. You may have seen a sea of lockboxes outside some condo buildings on South Beach.

Your agent will place a lockbox on the unit door, in a hallway, outside the building, or leave it with the concierge. The tenant's agent will access the lockbox's information via the MLS. Lockbox information should never be given to a tenant directly.

If your condo building doesn't allow lock boxes to be placed in or outside of the building, then your agent may have to provide access to the apartment by being present at every showing.


Showing your condo is the most significant determining factor in securing a new tenant. It's essential to ensure that the apartment is available to see and that it's in presentable condition. If this article was helpful to you, feel free to share it and subscribe to get notified when new articles are published!


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