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Here's what to expect when showing your condo while it's on the market

Updated: Apr 10, 2023

Whether it's your first time selling a condo, or maybe you've done this before - there are a few things that every seller needs to know about the process. First, it is essential to be clear and concise with your goals for selling your property by understanding how best to show it. The following tips will help you understand the nuances of what buyers expect from viewing condos on the market.

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What is a showing?

A showing occurs either at an open house or a scheduled appointment. Open houses and appointments are ways to get potential buyers into your listing. Open house attendees can come at their convenience. At the same time, scheduled appointment times involve more planning on the part of both parties involved in the transaction process.

Many condo buildings in Miami prohibit open houses for condos, so check your association to ensure your agent doesn’t break any rules.

How to prepare your condo

Creating a plan to get your house ready for the market is an exciting process. It's also important! Your agent will work with you and talk about specific techniques that can be used during preparation to make it more attractive online and in person.

For example, your agent may put you in contact with professionals such as renovators, decorators, or stagers who are experts at making houses look perfect before putting them up for sale.

Consider the following action items before your agent has the listing photographed as the first showing is done virtually, online:

  • Clean deeply.

  • Paint some or the entire condo.

  • Do minor repairs such as caulking tubs.

  • Make major repairs – if needed and in your budget, such as replacing your counters or appliances.

  • Stage your furniture to showcase your condo’s best features.

  • Remove personal items such as family photos.

  • Declutter every surface and storage space.

  • Reorganize your closets and pack excess items.

  • Eliminate odors by shampooing carpet if the condo has carpet.

  • Create an appealing color scheme with curtains or pillows to warm up your condo.

  • Upgrade your lighting or lightbulbs to make your rooms brighter.

The last-minute prep just before any showing appointment includes:

  • Turn on the lights and open the blinds for maximum light.

  • Take out the garbage.

  • Make the beds.

  • Clear and dust surfaces.

  • Take your pets with you and put away pet bowls.

  • Hide your valuables.

  • Turn off your computer.

  • Set the temperature.

  • Put out fresh towels.

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What to expect when showing your home

  • Not being present at showings: Buyers prefer to look at homes when they can move around freely, and the owners aren’t there. This also goes for if there’s a tenant in the unit.

  • Make your house as available as possible: While it may be inconvenient to show your home at certain times, buyers who can’t see a property when they’re eager may cross it off their list. If you have a tenant in the unit, it’s essential to agree on specific days and times that it can be shown.

  • Receiving feedback from buyers or their agents: Whether your listing receives good or bad feedback, don’t take it personally. Instead, listen to the feedback and make any adjustments to the property or price.

  • Coordinate with your tenant: When listing a condo for sale with a tenant living in the unit, you will need to ensure that the tenant allows the condo to be shown and that he or she has it in presentable condition.


When selling your condo, buyers need to have access to the unit and need to be able to envision themselves living there. This means that they need a clear and concise picture of the condo in its current state - so ensure that is what you provide while showing your condo.


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