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Powerhouse Gym Miami coming soon at Miami Central

Updated: Sep 28, 2021

A Powerhouse Gym Miami sign appeared at Miami Central 8 months after Brightline announced that the "upscale, full-service gym" signed a lease for 36,000 square feet at MiamiCentral.

Coming soon sign for Powerhouse Gym Miami at MiamiCentral
Powerhouse Gym Miami, coming soon.

It will be the first "up-scale" gym in the area as the neighborhood continues to expand after the long-awaited opening of Publix along with Chic-Fil-A, Starbucks, and Einsteins bagels.

Brightline announced that they will resume services and also announced their new Brightline+ service which will include Teslas, shuttles, and golf carts that will take passengers to and from Brightline stations.

Powerhouse Gym Miami at MiamiCentral also has a website, Facebook page, Instagram page, and a listing in Google where it states, "Powerhouse Gym Miami at MiamiCentral provides a refined fitness experience – featuring curated equipment and dynamic group fitness classes at a destination-location less than one mile from Bayside Miami."

For more info about Powerhouse Gym Miami at MiamiCentral you can email

or call 786-502-6135.


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