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Navigating Condo Mortgages in Miami in 2024: Insights from Yousif at Movement Mortgage

Updated: Jan 10

In a recent podcast, Anthony, a seasoned Miami real estate agent, hosted a special guest, Yousif from Movement Mortgage. This article distills the key points from their conversation, offering valuable insights into the current state of the Miami condo market, mortgage rates, affordability, and the impact of condo reform laws.

In This Podcast:

  • Meet Yousif

  • Current Trends in Miami Condos

  • Condo Reform Laws

  • Impact of HOA Dues on Purchasing Power

  • Full vs. Limited Review for Condos

  • Loan Programs for Affordability

  • Economic Landscape and Recession Speculations

  • Timing the MarketConclusion

Meet Yousif with Movement Mortgage

Yousif, a mortgage lender based in Miami, brings over eight years of experience to the table. Specializing in condo financing, he has become a go-to figure for individuals navigating the intricate landscape of Miami's real estate market. With an impressive track record and over 255 five-star reviews, Yousif has established himself as a trusted professional in the field and has shared is knowledge in a his book The Modern Mortgage.

Current Trends in Miami Condos

Miami's real estate market has always been on an upward trajectory, and as of 2024, the demand continues to rise. Factors contributing to this surge include the influx of companies, sports teams, and individuals seeking residency in South Florida. Additionally, favorable interest rates are encouraging more people to enter the market, pointing towards significant movement in the real estate sector.

Interest rates have been a key driver, with buyers benefiting from savings compared to just three months ago. Yousif emphasizes the importance of understanding the market dynamics and recommends buyers focus on the overall property value and potential appreciation, rather than solely waiting for interest rates to decrease.

Condo Reform Laws

Post the Surfside condo building collapse, there have been notable changes in condo reform laws. Yousif highlights the increased scrutiny on condo financing, especially regarding special assessments, repairs, and reserve contributions. While these changes may seem rigorous, they serve the dual purpose of protecting lenders and borrowers alike. Movement Mortgage has been proactive in implementing these changes, ensuring a thorough analysis and providing flexibility in underwriting.

Anthony emphasizes the significance of choosing the right mortgage partner, lauding Yousif for spotlighting pre-approved buildings. This approach helps prospective buyers make informed decisions about the health and financial stability of a condo building.

Impact of HOA Dues on Purchasing Power

The discussion shifts to the often-misunderstood aspect of Homeowners Association (HOA) dues. Yousif breaks down the components covered by these fees, including security, maintenance, utilities, and amenities. Understanding the allocation of these funds is crucial for buyers, as HOA dues directly impact the debt-to-income ratio during the approval process.

Full vs. Limited Review for Condos

Buyers considering condos must understand the distinction between full and limited reviews. Yousif explains that a full review allows for more favorable financing terms, while a limited review may necessitate a higher down payment. Factors influencing this determination include the amount kept in the reserve account, with more significant reserves favoring a full review.

Loan Programs for Affordability

Recognizing the challenges of affordability, Yousif sheds light on emerging loan programs. Down payment assistance programs, both internal and external, have become instrumental in helping buyers cover closing costs and increase their purchasing power. He encourages buyers to explore these options and underscores the benefits of leveraging financing for strategic real estate investments.

Economic Landscape and Recession Speculations

Addressing broader economic concerns, the conversation delves into the recurring speculation of an impending recession. Yousif emphasizes the importance of considering supply and demand dynamics in the real estate market. With pent-up demand and controlled supply, he predicts a healthy and exciting real estate environment in Miami, even amid talks of a potential recession.

Timing the Market

Both Anthony and Yousif stress the significance of timing in real estate. Waiting for ideal conditions, such as lower interest rates, might result in missed opportunities as prices continue to rise. The key takeaway is to align readiness with the desire to purchase, emphasizing the need for a proactive approach.


In a market as dynamic as Miami's, staying informed and working with knowledgeable professionals is essential. Yousif, with his wealth of experience, encourages prospective buyers to connect early with lenders to assess credit, income, and assets. This podcast offers a wealth of insights for anyone navigating the Miami real estate landscape, providing a solid foundation for informed decision-making.

To connect with Yousif, you can reach out to him:

Instagram: @TheFitLender 

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