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Making an offer on a condo in Miami

Updated: Jul 10, 2023

Are you considering buying a condo in Miami? With its stunning beaches, vibrant culture, and thriving real estate market, Miami is a popular destination for buyers worldwide. However, buying a condo in Miami can be a complex process with many steps and considerations. That's why we've put together this guide to help you navigate the process of making an offer on a Miami condo. From what to include in your offer to common contingencies and dealing with multiple offers, we'll cover everything you need to know to make an informed and successful purchase. So, whether you're a first-time buyer or a seasoned investor, read on for our expert tips on making an offer on a condo in Miami.

In this article we will cover:

What's needed to make an offer?

When making an offer on a condo in Miami, your agent will likely use the most standard purchase offer contract that complies with state and local laws, the "As-Is" Purchase and Sales agreement. The contract will establish the following:

  • The price

  • Terms – such as a request for closing cost help or that the offer is subject to your obtaining financing and a home inspection

  • The target date for closing

  • Earnest money deposit – typically 2-5%

  • Request for final walk-through

  • The time limit for the offer

Your offer should be accompanied by a pre-approval letter if you are financing the home, proof of funds in bank statements, or an official letter from your bank if you purchase the condo in cash.

What are the most common contingencies?

Financing and home inspection are the two most common contingencies when making an offer on a condo in Miami.

Financing: The commonly used Florida As-Is Purchase and Sales contract includes a contingency clause for financing. The contingency means that the buyer has to get approved for a loan within an allotted time before buying the property and making all necessary submissions to obtain this approval.

The buyer may also include other contingencies, such as those based on appraisals or specific dollar amounts, which will only go into effect if both parties agree on moving forward.

Home inspection: A offer can be made dependent on a successful home inspection. This contingency protects you if it uncovers expensive necessary repairs that need to be addressed by the seller. In this case, the seller can make the repairs or credit the buyer for completing the repairs. However, the seller may decline to make the repairs, and the buyer must decide whether to take care of them or walk away. The inspection contingency allows the buyer to cancel and get their deposit back in full.

If you are a homeowner and need to sell your home first, it's also common to add a contingency that states that you have to sell your home first.

Submitting an offer in a Buyer's Market

In a buyer's market, there is more inventory than demand, which gives buyers more bargaining power. Buyers can submit lower offers and include more contingencies. However, avoiding making a lowball offer is essential, as it could insult the seller and lead to a rejected offer.

Submitting an offer in a Seller's Market

In a seller's market, there is more demand than inventory, which gives sellers more bargaining power. There may be multiple offers on the condo, and buyers must submit a competitive offer that includes a higher price, fewer contingencies, and possibly a larger earnest money deposit to stand out from other offers.

What condo documents should you ask for when making an offer on a condo in Miami?

Buyers should ask for the condo association's financial statements, budget, and meeting minutes to ensure the association is financially stable and well-run. They should also ask for the condo association's rules and regulations to understand any restrictions on renting the unit or making alterations to the property.

Documents that buyers should ask for:

  • Financial Statements

  • Rules and regulations

  • Income Statement

  • Condo Budget

  • Seller Disclosure

  • Condo Rider

In the AS-IS contract, buyers have three days after receiving condo documents, giving the buyer time to cancel the contract.

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I submitted my offer; now what?

The seller can accept, counter or reject your offer within a certain amount of days. But with most Miami sellers residing in other countries, they will need time to respond. When your agent receives word from the listing agent about their decision, they will let you know the seller's decision and advise you on the next steps.

What happens when the seller counters your offer?

When a seller counters an offer, they make adjustments to some of the terms of the initial offer. The buyer then has the option to agree with their changes and finalize the contract by accepting it, or they can reject the counter. Negotiations can continue until both parties agree on all points and the contract becomes finalized.

What to do when a seller rejects your offer?

If a seller rejects an offer, buyers can ask their real estate agent why the offer was rejected. They can make adjustments to the offer and resubmit it. Alternatively, buyers can move on to other properties and continue their search.

The role a Condo Association plays when making an offer on a condo

Condo associations play a significant role in the condo-buying process. They can approve or deny potential buyers, and buyers must complete an application and pay an application fee to be considered. The association also enforces the rules and regulations of the condo, which can impact the buyer's ability to rent the unit or make alterations to the property.

After the seller accepts your offer, applying to the association within the allotted time is essential. Some associations have online applications, while others require physical copies. Most associations will require an application fee of up $100 and supporting documents, such as your ID or proof of employment, depending on the association's requirements.


Making an offer on a condo in Miami can be a complex process with many steps and considerations. Buyers should research the property and the condo association, understand the contract and contingencies, and work with an experienced real estate agent to protect themselves and ensure a successful purchase. By following these tips and guidelines, buyers can confidently navigate the process and find their dream condo in Miami.


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