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What to Expect When Executing a Contract to Buy a Condo in Miami

Updated: Jul 10, 2023

If you plan on buying a condo in Miami, you must execute a Sale and Purchase contract to go under contract. This can be an exciting but nerve-wracking time, as many important details must be considered. In this article, we'll walk you through what you should expect to see in the contract, how to know when to negotiate, and common contract pitfalls to avoid.

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In this article:

What should I expect to see in the contract?

When buying a condo in Miami, the contract will likely be several pages long and contain a lot of legal jargon. However, some of the key points to look out for include the following:

  • Accuracy of information: Your name and the property address should be spelled correctly.

  • Effective date: This is important because your contingencies have time limits.

  • Contingencies: These conditions must be met before the sale can go through, such as financing, an appraisal, or a satisfactory home inspection.

  • Property disclosure information: In Florida, the seller may be required to disclose certain information about the property.

  • Conveyances: This is a list of what comes with the property, such as appliances or fixtures.

  • Inspections Period: You may need a home inspection or pest inspection done.

How do I know when to negotiate and when to let go?

When buying a condo in Miami, it's important to balance how much you want a particular property with what you're willing to accept to get it. Here are some situations where you may want to let go:

  • Bidding war: If the price of the condo is driven too high by a bidding war, it may no longer be worth it to you.

  • Low appraisal: If the condo's appraised value is lower than your offer, you may need to negotiate or let go.

  • Expensive repairs: If a home inspection finds defects that would be expensive to repair, you may want to negotiate or let go.

  • Unwilling seller: If the seller is reluctant to make reasonable repairs, you may need to negotiate or let go.

  • HOA rules: If you learn about homeowners association rules that won't work for you, you may need to let go.

What are the common contract pitfalls I should avoid?

When you're executing a contract to buy a condo in Miami, there are some common pitfalls to watch out for:

  • Unrealistic deadlines: You'll need time to arrange a home inspection, receive the report, and arrange to finance. You must have deadlines to avoid losing your chance to end the contract and keep your deposit.

  • Items that don't convey with the property: If you need clarification on what comes with the property, be sure to ask.

  • Communication from your lender: Keep your lender informed about any changes or updates affecting your financing.

  • Home inspection problems: The most common reasons for contracts to fail or be delayed are home inspection problems, financing problems, or appraisal issues.


Overall, buying a condo in Miami can be an exciting and rewarding experience. However, it's essential to be prepared for the contract execution process and work with a trusted real estate agent who can guide you. You can make smart decisions and feel confident in your purchase by staying informed and aware of potential pitfalls. 


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