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You should really research your agent, here's my personality assessment results

I'm recreating my website while implementing new systems and an experience. I began working on the "about me" page; I thought to myself, instead of writing a generic bio about myself and listing my values, why not share the results of the two personality assessments that I've completed.

The two assessments are DISC profile and KPA, which Keller Williams provided. Both assessments are very spot on regarding my personality and working style.

Employers usually use these types of tests during the hiring process. I thought it would be very beneficial to a home seller or buyer as they are "hiring" an agent to help sell or find the most significant asset in their lives. Not to mention, everyone and their mother, father, brother, sister, and cousin have a real estate license in Miami. I think seeing an agent's personality assessment results can be beneficial to decide as you search online.

Then I thought, after creating the page for my website, why not write a blog and share these results also! So here we are! If you are a past client, you may find these results shocking {insert sarcasm}. If you do not yet know me, I'm a real estate agent working on creating my platform and system to assist condo sellers in making the process more seamless. If you're thinking about hiring me, this article will give you most of the information that you need about me. If you're a casual reader or just a friend reading this, I hope you enjoy reading my results as much as I have!

Sun: Libra

Moon: Taurus

Rising: Scorpio

Life Path Number: 8

What is a DISC Profile?

DiSC® is a personal assessment tool that many organizations from the government, Fortune 500 companies, small businesses, and non-profits use. DiSC® profiles help identify personality traits for employers and help raise awareness for individuals.

DiSC stands for the four main personality profiles described in the DiSC model:





People with "D" personalities tend to be confident, take charge, and emphasize accomplishing bottom-line results.

People with "I" personalities tend to be more open and emphasize relationships, and influence or persuade others.

People with "S" personalities tend to be dependable and place emphasis on cooperation and sincerity.

People with "C" personalities tend to emphasize quality, accuracy, expertise, and competency.

Anthony's Results

Anthony's leads with D and C follows after, which means he tends to take charge and gets things done, make decisions, and focus on results. He also can work steadily, systematically and may focus on order, accuracy, and precision on some tasks.


What is a KPA?

The KPA is a more in-depth assessment by Keller Williams that brings a complete understanding of an individual. This assessment helps you grasp not only how a person behaves but how they think. This assessment covers seven behaviors and four thinking traits that provide in-depth, nuanced, and meaningful results.


  1. Assertiveness

  2. Sociability

  3. Responsiveness

  4. Structure

  5. Intensity

  6. Adaptability

  7. Optimism


Anthony is well suited to job situations that utilize his analytical skills and his capacity to work independently. He is assertive and direct, and he operates with time sensitivity and resolve. He tends to be confident in his ideas and methods.


Anthony is not strongly motivated by a need to socialize or to develop a wide circle of acquaintances. Instead, he derives satisfaction from project and task accomplishment. He deals with people assertively and directly, and he likes to focus on getting things done.


Anthony has good potential for jobs that reward his positive level of responsiveness and preference for a quick pace of activity. He likes to be on the go while coordinating a range of responsibilities in a time-sensitive atmosphere. He is willing to make on-the-spot decisions without trepidation.


Anthony would prefer a limited emphasis on routine details and repetitive and administrative work. He keeps his focus on broader goals, and he seeks situations that allow him to act and respond independently. He may resist a highly structured setting where the focus is on implementing the procedures and solutions created by others.


Anthony has a very high level of emotional intensity at work which can spur him to take action. When frustrated or committed to a cause or direction, he responds with a great deal of energy.


Anthony is a strong-willed and independent-minded person who may resist pressure to conform or adjust to the expectations of others. He has his standards and is not concerned about popular opinion.


Anthony can spot things that might go wrong. Others might mistakenly see him as "negative," but it is in his natural ability to question and anticipate issues that may not unfold as planned.

Thinking Traits

  1. Logical Problem Solving

  2. Rapid Problem Solving

  3. Spatial Visualization

  4. Vocabulary

Logical Problem Solving

Anthony is an excellent logical problem solver when the situation demands. He can slow down and tackle more complex issues by taking them apart and thinking through the elements logically.

Rapid Problem Solving

Anthony can deal quickly with new problems that arise. He can identify overarching themes and patterns from information.

Spatial Visualization

Anthony can think about problems in which multiple variables are changing. He can visualize three-dimensional structures and complex systems. This talent will help him with various tasks, including engineering, technical, mechanical, or structural problems.


Anthony retains information and can use learned ideas to solve new problems. He can readily understand most concepts in the workplace. He is interested in learning and new ideas. He can pick up on some nuance of communication.


Operating Style

A person's behavior and thinking traits are combined in unique ways to impact how they work with others.


Anthony tends to be selective in his choice of social activities and commitments. He is reserved and purposeful in his social initiatives rather than gregarious. Characteristically, he is task-directed, analytical,

and focused on results in his work. When he has a good grasp of the facts, he can communicate confidently and convincingly. He may not devote too much time to small talk or purely social interactions. While he can be courteous and positive with people, he may often be rather matter-of-fact and direct in his communication style.

Decision Making

While concerned about positive outcomes, Anthony is also action-oriented and motivated to get things done quickly and expeditiously. He likes to be timely and active in his work approach, and he avoids delays, inefficiency, and slow-moving decision-making processes. He is relatively assertive and comfortable relying on his own insights and conclusions to decide how things should be done. He will not rely upon established guidelines and standards, but he will seek some flexibility and autonomy in managing his work.

Ideal Environment

Anthony is typically open to new ideas and new ways to improve efficiency. He would find a static, routine, or slow-moving environment to be dissatisfying. Because he is very task-directed and focused

on productivity, he would prefer not to be distracted by recurring people problems. He quickly tires of routine, repetitive assignments, and he can be eager for changes of pace and variety in his tasks. He

values a busy and diverse job setting where he can work quickly and efficiently. He expects to be held accountable, but he also seeks a relatively high degree of independence and flexibility in implementation.

Ideal Supervisor

Anthony enjoys mental challenges and the independence to organize and coordinate projects using his own methods and processes. He responds well to delegated responsibility for task management work. He has less interest in taking charge of complex people's problems or persuasive activities. Because of his natural need for change, he should be receptive to various activities and new assignments. He values decisive, timely responses from management as he dislikes waiting for information and being delayed. He maintains a natural sense of urgency, and he could be dissatisfied if rewards and outcomes are slow in being realized.

Team Dynamics

Anthony enjoys working independently and relying mainly on his own abilities without depending too heavily on others. He can adapt to a team-oriented work environment if he is provided with a reasonable degree of privacy and autonomy. He is apt to approach people most assuredly to obtain and coordinate information, troubleshoot, and address issues. He is not a natural mixer or socializer with unfamiliar people. In familiar workgroups, he is more at ease interacting and expressing his views. Others may see him as being independent in his thinking and actions.


Descriptive Review

Anthony's traits do not exist in isolation from each other. Each trait impacts the others. Below is an integrated view of Anthony. As you read this section, consider how Anthony might perform as a Real Estate Agent.

Anthony is an independent individual who will work best in a rapid pace of activity. He prefers to establish his own way of doing things and will work best with concepts instead of constant people contact. He is an aggressive, results-oriented person who tends to grow restless with indecision. He likes a challenging situation that allows him to take the initiative. He is an expressive and responsive person who is quick in his reactions. He can manage several activities at once and works well in a fast-moving environment.

He sets his own standards and does not worry a great deal about what other people think. He generally does not create controversy but will hold firm to his beliefs. He is not dependent on formal structures. He enjoys freedom in a job as well as the opportunity to develop his own methods. He is low-key and thoughtful in his approach to social influence and persuasion. He is not motivated by a strong need for social dominance or control.

Anthony has regard for people but is not an outgoing person by nature. He relates best to others on a practical or professional basis and can be satisfied working independently for significant periods. He tends to worry about possible issues and will want to put measures in place to deter them. He has a very high level of emotional intensity when dealing with difficulties or problems. When frustrated, he responds with a great deal of energy.

He likes a work environment that provides a steady flow of new challenges. He is also able to deal with more significant, more complex problems when necessary.


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