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Sneak Peek of Publix at 3 MiamiCentral in Overtown, set to open later this year.

Updated: Mar 4, 2021

After nearly three years since 3 MiamiCentral has been complete and a year after residents began moving into the Park-Line apartments above the BrightLine station, it appears that Publix may be opening this year. Take a sneak peek inside of the much-needed grocery store in the Downtown Miami area as new apartment buildings and condos are being built nearby.

I moved into the Park-Line apartments in June 2020 during the pandemic and was looking forward to the opening of Publix at 3 MiamiCentral. I peaked inside and it looked nearly complete but since I’ve lived in the building I’ve seen no activity in the store. I recently reached on to get some insight and received a response from the assistant of a Publix Real Estate Manager.

“Thank you for contacting us regarding your inquiry into the status of Publix near Park Line Miami. It appears the new store is projected to open mid to late third quarter of this year if all construction goes according to plans. Please keep in mind that the opening date may have to change to allow for construction/weather delays or any other unforeseeable delay that may come up.

We always appreciate hearing from our customers. I hope that I have addressed your concerns regarding the real estate issue. We look forward to the opportunity to serve your family’s grocery shopping needs. Thank you for taking the time to contact us and allowing us the opportunity to serve you.”

Recently the window wrappings have been removed and I was able to snap some photos of the interior of the store.

A sneak peak inside of Publix at 3 MiamiCentral
A sneak peak inside of Publix at 3 MiamiCentral

Sneak peak inside of Publix at 3 MiamiCentral
Sneak peak inside of Publix at 3 MiamiCentral
Window wrapping removed from the windows of the soon to be Publix at 3 MiamiCentral
Window wrapping removed from the windows of the soon to be Publix at 3 MiamiCentral

Photos taken by Anthony Johnson

The new Publix store opened up in the newly built River Landing development which opened in September of 2020 so it’s unclear why it has taken so long to open.

Hopefully, Publix will open this year as the Downtown Miami area has seen a boost of residents with the addition of two new apartment buildings, Caoba and Park-Line Miami (with Chick-fil-a opening downstairs) and condo building Miami Worldcenter's Paramount Tower. Three more apartment buildings are also wrapping up construction in the area and the reopening of the Bright Line MiamiCentral station is set to reopen later on this year.


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