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Move-in Checklist for Miami Landlords and Tenants (Download)

Updated: Apr 10, 2023

When you list your condo for rent, it's essential to have a move-in checklist to help ensure that everything is in order. Using a move-in checklist will help reduce the chances of any disputes with your tenants and make the moving process easier for them. This article will discuss why having a well-organized move-in list can save you a lot of hassle.


In this article:

  • Why use a move-in checklist?

  • What's on a move-in checklist?

  • Documenting the condition of the rental property

  • What if there are issues after move-in?

  • How to get your apartment move-in ready?

Why use a checklist?

During a rental walkthrough, the tenant will inspect the property. A move-in checklist can help document the apartment's condition at the time of the move-in versus the time of the move-out.

As the landlord, you want to ensure that you have the condition of the rental documented in case the tenant damages the unit beyond normal wear and tear. Documentation can help you if you need to claim some or all of the tenant's security deposit.

As the tenant, you want to ensure that the condition is documented so you aren't held responsible for any issues upon move-in. You may receive your security deposit back.

What's on a move-in checklist?

The checklist should include the following:

  • Instructions.

  • A room-by-room checklist.

  • Space for comments and places to be signed by the landlord and tenant.

See below for an example of the walkthrough form that we use when completing a walkthrough for our landlord clients.

Example of a move-in checklist

Documenting the condition of the rental property

In addition to the checklist, it should include a video walkthrough and photos. The walkthrough checklist contains a checkbox acknowledging that video/photos will accompany the document. The tenant should email the documents to the landlord and keep copies of them for everyone's records.

Have a 3D scan of your condo for the listing. You can use this to confirm the condition of the listing at the time the tenant toured the property.

Example of a move in checklist.

How to get your property move-in ready

I recommend that you incorporate a checklist of things to complete before a new tenant moves in, such as:

  • Have repairs done

  • Replace minor things such as lightbulbs, blinds, filters...etc

  • Have the unit professionally cleaned before the tenant moves in

  • Change the HVAC filters.

  • Re-key all locks

Sending a welcome email with instructions to pay rent, set up utilities, get renters insurance, and make maintenance requests is also a great idea.

What if there are issues after the move-in?

More times than not, issues may arise shortly after move-in. In this case, if you are the tenant, immediately inform the landlord of the problem. The landlord may handle the issues as long as the move-in did not cause them; in that case, the tenant may be liable for the damages.

Download PDF • 381KB


A move-in checklist for new tenants can help to ensure that nothing important is forgotten when moving into a new place. Documenting the property's condition before the tenant move's in can help with any disputes that may arise later. Having a checklist handy during the move-in, whether the tenant or landlord, will make it less stressful when it's time to move out. So be sure to print out our free template and get started!


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