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Selling a Condo in Miami's Buyer's Market: A Comprehensive Guide

Selling a condo in Miami during a buyers' market can be challenging. Still, it is possible to close a sale successfully with the right approach. A buyers' market is characterized by an oversupply of properties and a need for buyers, making it difficult for sellers to attract offers and get the best price. However, by understanding the market conditions and taking the proper steps, you can increase your chances of selling your condo quickly and for a reasonable price.

In this article:

  • What is a buyers market?

  • Get an accurate home value

  • Make sure your condo is in good condition

  • Hire the right real estate agent

  • Price your condo ahead of the market

  • Marketing. It's even more critical in a buyers' market.

  • Be prepared to negotiate with buyers

  • Close on the sale

What is a buyers market?

A buyer's market in real estate is characterized by an abundance of available properties for sale, which gives buyers more choices and more leverage in the buying process. This is in contrast to a seller's market, where there is high demand and low inventory, giving sellers more leverage.

Real estate professionals determine if a market is a buyer's market by looking at the number of months of inventory on the market. If there are more than six months of inventory, it is considered a buyer's market. This means that there are more properties available for sale than there are buyers to purchase them. As a result, buyers have more options and can be more selective in purchasing decisions. They may also have more negotiating power, as sellers may be more willing to make concessions to sell their property.

In a buyer's market, it can be more challenging for sellers to sell their property quickly and at their desired price. Sellers need to price their property competitively, make any necessary renovations, and work with a skilled real estate agent who can effectively market their property and negotiate on their behalf.

Get an accurate home value

The first step in successfully selling your condo during a buyer's market is to get an accurate idea of its worth. This will help you determine the right listing price, which is critical in attracting buyers and getting offers. There are a few ways to assess your home's value, including working with a real estate agent who can provide you with a comparative market analysis (CMA). You can also use online home value estimators, such as Zillow's Zestimate tool. However, these tools can sometimes produce wide ranges in estimated values, so it's always best to get multiple estimates before settling on a listing price.

Another option is to have a pre-listing appraisal done. A pre-listing appraisal is when a professional appraiser comes to your property and evaluates it to determine its market value. This can be a valuable tool for getting a more accurate price for your condo, especially if your property has unique features or is in a high-demand area. The pre-listing appraisal report will help you and your real estate agent price your property correctly. Another benefit of getting a pre-listing appraisal is that it can be used as a marketing tool when listing your property for sale.

Make sure your condo is in good condition

Once you have an accurate idea of your condo's value, it's time to start preparing it for sale. If your condo needs any repairs or updates, now is the time to take care of those. Remember, the goal is to make your unit as attractive as possible to potential buyers, so they're more likely to make an offer.

One way to make your condo more appealing is to have renovations done. This could include updating the kitchen and bathrooms, repainting the walls, or replacing flooring. These renovations can help increase the value of your condo and make it more desirable to buyers. However, it's important to note that these types of projects can be costly and require permits to be obtained. Additionally, you will need to work with the condo association to ensure that the renovations meet their guidelines. You can pay for the renovation costs of your condo at the time of closing instead of upfront through companies like Curbio if your real estate agent has a partnership with them.

It's also important to remember that some simple and low-cost updates, such as cleaning and decluttering or making minor repairs, can significantly impact. It's always best to consult with a home stager or your real estate agent to get advice on the most beneficial updates in your situation.

Hire the right Real Estate Agent

Finding the right real estate agent is essential when selling a condo in a buyers' market. This means finding an experienced agent with a track record of successfully selling condos in Miami, particularly during a buyers' market. More than hiring an agent with a real estate license is required. It typically takes an experienced agent to navigate the challenges of selling in a buyers' market.

An experienced agent can give you a strategic price recommendation based on a comparative market analysis (CMA) and their local market knowledge. They will also be able to market your property effectively by highlighting its best features and targeting the right audience of potential buyers.

A great agent will also be an expert in negotiations and contracts. They'll be able to work with buyers to reach an agreement that's in your favor and make sure that deadlines are met, and all the paperwork is in order. These skills are essential in any real estate deal, but they're even more critical in a buyers' market where deals are more likely to fall through.

Hiring a great agent is one of the most critical steps in successfully selling your condo in Miami during a buyers' market. Look for an agent with experience, reputation, and a record of success in similar situations. They will be able to guide you through the process and increase your chances of selling quickly and for a reasonable price.

Price your condo ahead of the market

Pricing your condo correctly is crucial when selling in a buyers' market. If you overprice your condo, it will likely sit on the market for months without receiving any offers. But if you underprice it, you could leave money on the table. It's ideal to find the right balance by pricing your unit ahead of the market. Following the first tip of getting a pre-listing appraisal and your agent's CMA, you will know what your condo is worth. However, there's a lot of competition in a buyers' market, and the market may be going downward. In this case, you should price your condo slightly ahead of the market.

For example, there are currently three similar condos in your building that have recently sold for $400k, $410k, and $420k. The average price of these units is $410k, and your condo is in similar condition and has identical features. By pricing your condo at $410k, you're positioning your condo well. But let's say the condo that sold for $420k was three months ago the condo that sold for $410k sold last month, and the condo that sold for $400k this month. We can see that there's a downward trend. I recommend listing under the previous price, anywhere between $390k and $395k. Pricing your condo at this price range will be pricing it ahead of the downward trend.

“Yesterday’s price is not today’s price” — Fat Joe
“Yesterday’s price is not today’s price” — Fat Joe


On the other hand, avoiding overpricing your condo in any market is essential, especially in a buyers' market. Overpriced condos in Miami are typical in every market, as this is a common mistake many sellers make. Overpricing your condo can lead to it sitting on the market for months without much activity or offers, ultimately leading to a lower sale price.

For example, the seller lists their condo at $420k, the highest price sold in the previous three months. However, the market is still going down, and the listing has been sitting there for several months. To attract buyers, the seller decides to make price adjustments, dropping the price to $400k. But by this point, the market suggests that the condo is now worth $375k. If the seller had initially listed the condo at $390k, it likely would have sold at the asking price and sold much more quickly. Pricing ahead of the market would have resulted in the seller making more money and saved them time and effort wasted on a prolonged listing period.

It's also important to remember that the pricing strategy may change depending on the market conditions. It's a good idea to re-evaluate the price of your condo periodically and make adjustments as necessary.

Marketing. It's even more critical in a buyers' market.

In today's digital age, marketing a property effectively is more critical than ever. Your real estate agent must have a solid marketing strategy in a buyers' market to attract potential buyers to your condo. This includes professional-quality photographs, 3D tours, and video walkthroughs that showcase your property in the best possible light. By providing potential buyers with a virtual tour of your condo, your listing is more likely to sell faster than listings that do not include one. In Miami, many buyers are from out of the state and country. 3D tours are beneficial to buyers to help them make decisions without seeing the condo in person.

Another critical aspect of effectively marketing your condo is ensuring that your agent has systems in place to capture and follow up on leads. When someone expresses interest in your property, your agent should have a method to respond promptly and follow up with them to keep them engaged and interested. This can include automated email campaigns or personalized phone calls to keep the conversation going.

It's also essential that your agent has a solid online presence. This includes having a professional website and social media accounts that showcase their listings and help them reach a wider audience. They should also be active on local real estate platforms such as Zillow and to ensure your condo is visible to as many potential buyers as possible.

Be prepared to negotiate with buyers

In a buyers' market, sellers must be open to negotiating and being flexible with buyers. This means being willing to make concessions and compromises on specific terms to close the sale. For example, suppose a buyer asks for a closing cost credit or a home warranty. In that case, the seller may want to consider these requests to move the sale forward. Sellers need to understand that buyers have more options in a buyers' market and are in a stronger position to negotiate. Being flexible within reason can help the seller avoid losing a potential buyer over a small concession or compromise. Your real estate agent will work on your behalf in negotiations to ensure terms are fair.

Close on the sale

When closing in a buyers' market, it's crucial to ensure that deadlines are met and that your responsibilities as the seller are fulfilled. This includes providing all necessary disclosures, obtaining any necessary permits, and ensuring that any repairs or renovations have been completed. Doing this makes the sale more likely to close without any hiccups. You'll also be better positioned to hold on to the buyer's deposit if the buyer decides to back out of the sale.

Additionally, it's essential to work closely with your real estate agent and attorney to review the purchase contract and ensure it is in your best interest. This includes being aware of any contingencies the buyer may have included, such as a home inspection or mortgage contingency, and understanding the timeline for closing. By being proactive and staying on top of these details, you'll be able to close the sale smoothly and with minimal issues.


Selling a condo in Miami during a buyers' market requires a bit of extra effort. Still, you can increase your chances of selling quickly and reasonably by understanding the market conditions, taking the necessary steps to prepare your condo for sale, and finding the right real estate agent. Remember to price your condo competitively, market it effectively, and be prepared to negotiate with buyers. With the right approach, you can successfully sell your condo in Miami during a buyers' market.


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